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Welcome to the wiki for Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules for ZigBee® Standard applications (aka: Anaren part number A2530x24xxx). This wiki offers guidance on how to use Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules for ZigBee Standard applications -- as well as in-depth information on AIR ZNP, a unique, time-saving firmware solution/module interface based on Texas Instruments Z-Stack and jointly developed by Anaren and Tesla Controls.

Important News

We have released an update of the Zigbee module drivers and examples. See the Downloads page for the version #2020. This version adds support for the Tiva-C BoosterPack. Also see the Recent Changes page for other updates.

Getting Started in our ZigBee Wiki

This site is fairly extensive, with over 423 pages, 923 files, screenshots, and even some logic analyzer captures to assist you in your development process. Here are a few places to get started:

  • Module Examples: Check out the thirty-plus example apps which explain how to use the AIR module for ZigBee, using the CC2530 BoosterPack kit. The standard release has been designed to work with either the MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad Kit, or with the EK-LM4F120XL Stellaris LaunchPad Kit from Texas Instruments. And there is a ton of good information in the Doxygen documentation that comes on the software CD. See the Documentation section for more information.
  • Changing Module Hardware: If you plan to use a microcontroller other than the MSP430G2553 or Stellaris LM4F120H5QR, then you'll need to create a new "HAL" file. This page will help you get started along that path. Once you have created a new HAL file, we have designed AIR-ZNP to be easy to get running on a new platform.
  • Troubleshooting Zigbee Communications: While the examples should do most of the work for you, occasionally people need to do their own implementation and need help getting the modules to communicate.
  • Index: Of course you can also use the search bar at the upper right of the page, or see Index for a list of all pages.
  • Categories: A list of all categories used in the Wiki.
  • Ports Ports to other processors

This site was created by developers, for developers. However, as with any wiki, if you see something that requires changing, feel free to make edits or suggest new pages (see #Contributing section below).

Additional Zigbee Information


Like all wikis, most of this site is editable (with the exception of the Module Interface Specification pages). If you see something that needs to be changed, feel free to do so. See the need for a new page? Go ahead and add it. After you have made your suggested edits – or created your new pages -- others may make additional edits or add even more new pages. The whole point is collaborating and making this an ever stronger, ever more useful tool… Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when using, and being an ideal contributor to, our wiki:

  • At this time, only approved members of our AIR Corps may be wiki contributors. To register as an AIR Corps member, either visit our AIR Corps Registration page [1] -- or click the "Login/Create Account" link at the top right of this page to complete our preliminary information request; upon receiving this preliminary information, we will contact you by email for a bit more information (company name, etc.) Assuming we accept your application for AIR Corps membership, we will then grant you contributor access as a wiki contributor. Please note, Anaren reserves the right to approve/disapprove of AIR Corps membership at its discretion; we likewise retain the right to de-activate AIR Corps memberships (and wiki contributor access).
  • Search first: Before creating a new page or making significant contributions to a page, please do a quick search to make sure that you aren't duplicating existing content on the wiki.
  • Follow the Style Guide.
  • Make improvements: If you find a typo or inaccurate information, just fix it.
  • Keep it relevant: To ensure that this wiki remains useful to its users, we ask that contributors keep the content relevant to the wiki’s overall subject. More specifically, please try to focus your contributions on: (a) the development of ZigBee compliant applications using AIR modules based on TI’s CC2530 SOC; (b) firmware related to the above hardware (eg: AIR ZNP and TI’s Z-Stack); (c) development tools related to the above hardware and firmware (eg: CC2530 BoosterPacks or TI’s LaunchPads); and of course (d) relevant aspects of the ZigBee Standard itself.
  • Keep it legal: please respect licenses and copyright laws. Only post content you own or provide attribution for content under a license that permits reuse. As always, our entire Terms of Service also apply to the wiki.
  • Be nice: Keep the language clean (no swearing) and show respect for other contributors.
  • Respect links: Please provide redirects when you move content. Many people use the wiki and may have created bookmarks or linked to your content.
  • Preview your changes before saving them.
  • Additional information: Our Community guidelines and Community communication documents have additional information about participating in the Anaren community.

ZigBee Resources

  • Basic Module Startup: Starting the ZigBee® RF module, several commands are required. The startup process is wrapped up for you in this wiki page.
  • Example Compile Sizes: The compile size of each example may change based on compiler settings, optimization, etc, but the following information is provided as a rough guideline.
  • IAR Project Configuration: The examples are all configured as IAR projects, with each group of examples in its own workspace.
  • AIR-ZNP Software Bugs and Workarounds: The following is an ad-hoc listing of known bugs and possible workarounds in the Anaren AIR-ZNP software.
  • Downloads: Various downloads for the module software.